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Flea Killers are Cat and Dog Killers!

Flea Killers are Cat and Dog Killers!


By Pat McKay


All drugs, chemicals, and poisons that kill fleas, kill animals as well!

…maybe a little slower…but they do kill.


Healthy Cats and Dogs Do Not Get Fleas

Fleas are our friends, because they indicate that our animal's immune system is compromised in some way, and we need to give our cats and dogs what they need to restore their health. Don’t take it out on the fleas. They are just doing their job. If it weren’t for fleas, parasites, and other flesh-eating species on this planet, we would have corpses piled to the sky. In other words, the fleas are picking up on their radar that your animal is on his/her way out and needs help, so they go about their business of sucking blood to expedite the process. Once your animal regains health, the fleas are no longer interested.


Animals Who Have Fleas

Are Lacking Essential Nutriments

It is now our job to find out what the body needs, and in most cases, it is simply a raw food program including essential minerals: calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. So simple it’s hard to believe. See my FREE EBOOKS: Healthy Foods! Happy Dogs! and/or Healthy Foods! Happy Cats!


Or the short version: Pat McKay Raw Food Basic Recipe for information on how to prepare raw food for your animals at home.


The Horrifying Details

What Is In Flea Products?

If you don’t want to read about all the horrifying details of the ingredients of these products and all the deadly ailments they cause, skip to the end of this article where I tell you the simple solution.


You all know the brand names of all the numerous products now on the market. I don’t need to mention names. However, I do want to state some of the deadly ingredients: imidacloprid, permethrin, fipronil pyriproxyfen, ethanol, polyvinlpyrrolidone, butylhydroxytoluene, butlyhydroxanisole, carbitol and methoprene.


Flea Products Cause Serious Damage!

Serious damage is caused to your animal’s body. Fipronil, imidacloprid, methoprene, and permethrin all are responsible for one or more of the following: carcinogens, neurotoxins, teratogens, dermatogens, lesions in the brain, lungs, liver, kidney damage, pulmonary edema, bone marrow ailments, and birth defects.


 Pyriproxyfen and ethanol, both teratogens, cause damage to the reproductive system, causing miscarriages, smaller offspring, birth defects, not only directly to your animals, but just touching your animal after use can cause reproductive damage to you, your children, and your children’s children as well.


Carbitol is a neurotoxin, meaning it can cause damage to the nervous system, and it can cause serious organ damage to your animals, to you, and your family as well.


Fipronil has the possibility of causing thyroid cancer in your animal and to anyone holding or petting the animal. It can cause loss of appetite, underactivity, convulsions, excessive barking, body twitches and tremors, stiffened limbs, unsteady gait, lack of coordination, labored breathing, hair loss, ulcerations, itching, and chewing.


Permethrin, which is the common denominator in most of these products, is a broad spectrum insecticide, which in turn is an endocrine disrupter and a carcinogenic insecticide, causing lung cancer and liver tumors in laboratory animals. These companies and veterinarians know all the above before manufacturing it, selling it, prescribing it, or giving it. Now you know why 4 out of 5 dogs and cats in this country have cancer.


All these products are laboratory tested on mice, rats, dogs, so how many animals suffer and die during these experiments? Stop using these products for those precious animals’ horrendous suffering in life and in death.



Veterinarians and Drug Companies Say

The Flea Products

Can’t Harm Your Animal

Many allopathic veterinarians and drug companies state that it stays on top of the skin and coat and can’t do any harm to the animal. Don’t think for a moment that what goes on the skin isn’t absorbed directly into the body. Of course, it is. Plus the fact that our dogs and cats instinctively groom themselves constantly. That’s their nature. It is implicit that they groom. If your animal isn’t grooming on a regular basis that is another clear indication they are not well. You cannot and should not stop them from grooming themselves.


Another Lie:

They Only Affect Insects,

Not Mammals

Another piece of fiction is that it only affects insects, not mammals. The guardians of animals have stated that even they have been directly affected. For instance, after putting one of these products on their cat or dog, they have had headaches, nausea, skin rashes, labored breathing, abdominal pain, back pain, numbing and tingling of areas on their own bodies where the flea product touched them.


Cats and dogs have become paralyzed, had seizures, died after taking these products. And of course we don’t know about the headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, back pain, numbing and tingling effects, except from people. Animals, however, do and can exhibit depression, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, which are other serious side effects of flea products.


Skin Ailments

Some of the most predominant skin symptoms are: chronic redness, rashes, bleeding, cracking, blisters, hair loss, sebaceous cysts, warts, thickening of the skin and of course chronic itching and chewing.


Another Whole Aspect

Here is another whole aspect of the issue: Dogs and cats who are on raw food and organic supplements, which most of your animals are if you are reading this article, are in much better health than the average dog or cat eating all the wrong foods, so if you use one of these deadly flea products your animal isn’t as likely to present immediate symptoms because of their health status, so your animal’s immune system maybe struggling for its life and you are not even aware.


Because you don’t see symptoms immediately, you think your animal is fine. Then five, ten years down the line, s/he develops cancer and you wonder why.


What To Do ASAP!

If you have already given any of these drugs, chemicals or poisons to your animals, forgive yourself, for you know not what you did at the time, and start them on my raw food program immediately. If your animals are already on my raw food program, including ESSENTIALS4ALL BIO-8-POWDER, BIO-8-CAPSULES, & CLO-3-PEARLS


Then your next action is email me with regard to using homeopathy. These ailments caused or triggered by these horrific drugs will not clear up on their own.


The Simple Answer to Fleas

The simple answer to fleas is to keep your animal healthy with the proper nutrition and homeopathy.


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