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Cansema Black Salve and Tonic III


                                    By Pat McKay

Cansema Black Salve was available in 1992 which was the first time I used it personally.  I believe it was 1996 that they started to produce the Tonic III.  From 1992 to 2003, I sold the Alpha Omega products in my animal nutrition centers.  Many animals benefitted from these two products.


Unfortunately on September 17, 2003, the FDA shut down the company, and the products were not available for about five years.


Fortunately, as of June 2, 2008, they are back in business in Ecuador.  The Alpha Omega website is:  They used to have extension information about the products and their use; however, on December 2, 2009, the FDA again arrested/kidnapped Greg Caton, the owner. For more on the story from his wife, Cathryn Caton:


If you wish to purchase either the Black Salve or the Tonic III, you may order directly from Alpha Omega in Ecuador www.altcancer.comor from me; presently I have both products on hand. 


My fee for working with you with your cat or dog is $100 for two months of unlimited email/phone consultations.  If you wish to use the product/s on your own, you may do that as well.  



My Personal Story

By Pat McKay

 First of all, the only Black Salve I ever use is Cansema produced by Alpha Omega Labs. They are now in Ecuador so that they can provide these products to United States’ citizens. 

The following information comes from using Cansema for the past eighteen years.


My first experience was in 1992, a tiny sore on the bridge of my nose that wouldn’t heal. I consulted a dermatologist who suggested taking a biopsy, etc, which I wouldn’t allow.   More than the sore that wouldn’t heal, I was concerned because over a few months’ time, even though I was only 58, I was beginning to lose my memory and slur my words.  Friends thought I had either taken up drinking or it was the beginning of Alzheimer’s.


I had a client who did non-surgical face lifts for the stars who suggested I try Black Salve on that area of my nose. I did. I applied the Black Salve just one time and remarkably the following happened over a three-week period of time.

With an hour, the area started to tingle, then sting, then a burning sensation. Within twelve hours my face started to swell, and within twenty-four hours, I looked like I had been in a severe fight or auto accident.  Pain started in the right frontal lobe of my brain.  This pain was so intense…never experienced anything like it before. I was told I could take pain killers, but I chose not to because I hadn’t had even an aspirin in my system for the past thirty years.  In addition to the pain, I felt as though someone reached into my brain and was pulling out a handful of tentacles. That’s the best way I can describe this experience.  After the third day of this pain, all of a sudden, just as if someone had thrown a switch, the “pulling of the tentacles” and pain abruptly stopped.


From that point it was a matter, externally, of the sore healing on my nose, which took about three weeks, and internally, of my memory returning and my speech clearing.  That took about three months before I felt as though I was completely back to normal.


Approximately six months after that episode, I had what appeared to be a hive just above my lip on the left side of my face. After about a week, I decided to apply the Cansema Black Salve to that area.  Practically the same response: the tingle, the stinging, the burning, the swelling. This time there was absolutely no pain. All I felt was a warmness following a path down my neck and chest to my left breast and underarm, and that area began to swell and become heated.


The “hive” above my lip then started to open and exude pus tinged with blood. It drained this way for approximately a week while I continued to feel this warm swelling in my left breast and underarm.  The opening above my lip became the size of a nickel, and I could have put my finger through the opening.  There was a complete hole into my mouth. Within two more weeks, that hole completely closed; there is no difference between the thickness of that area on the left or right side of my lip.  No keloiding. It did leave a small scar where the skin knitted together. My “badge of honor” is how I refer to it.

I am being honest about the pain in my first instance and the size of the opening in my second because I want you to know what you or your animal might experience. However, as compared to what I would have gone through with conventional chemo, radiation, or surgery, there is no comparison. For one thing, the Cansema went completely after the cancer; that certainly is clear if the sore on my nose was brain cancer, and the hive above my lip was breast cancer.  This is now February of 2011, 19 years later, and I am still cancer-free.


The second episode took approximately three weeks from the time I applied the one dose of Cansema Black Salve until I was completely healed both externally and internally.


However, my body was not finished clearing cancer from my system.  I’ve lost track of dates because my original notes and photos were destroyed in a fire; however, I think it was about a year later, when a scab appeared on my upper thigh where I had had a small pox vaccination when I was a child. It was that same thick, ugly scab as many of you from that generation may remember, so it was easily identified. I again applied the Cansema, and again, it opened, drained and healed. No pain whatsoever.


In 1996 or 97, I had a lump appear on the back of my head right at the neck, about the size of a half a walnut. Without hesitation, I applied Cansema, and this time within an hour, it felt like I had been given a shot of Novacaine , and the whole back of my head felt a numbness, similar to a hand or arm “falling asleep.”  Then with a week, the area began to itch. I scratched and scratched and scratched for two weeks. The lump did not open as the others had; it just started getting smaller and smaller, and one day it was gone, and my head stopped itching. Remarkable how Cansema works…each episode being totally different in each situation…even on the same body.


My point here is that you do not know what it will do. There’s no way of knowing in advance. You just have to let the body do its own thing in its own way. But what’s the difference?  If it’s getting rid of the cancer, that’s all that’s important.


I applied Cansema to several moles that I had and found out that a couple were malignant and most of the others weren’t.  If the Cansema does not react, if the salve just dries up and falls off, then the area is not diseased. So that’s one way of finding out if you believe you or your animal has a malignancy. Apply the Cansema and see what it tells you.


I have to tell you one more people story, then I’ll relate a couple of animal cases. My friend Denise had a lump on the end of her nose. Her MD said it was malignant and it had to be removed. When she told me about it, I, of course, suggested trying the Cansema first.  What did she have to lose? She could always do the conventional surgery if Cansema didn’t work.  For sure,  she would have had to have plastic surgery on her nose if they removed it surgically.  Denise did the Cansema. She went through the typical tingling, stinging, burning, swelling, a huge scab on the end of her nose, and after the three weeks, the scab fell off and she could see that the end of her nose was gone. Now here’s the remarkable part: Within three months, the end of her nose restored itself. She has a perfectly shaped nose, just as it was before the Cansema. Now we all know that if she had had that lump surgically removed, there’s no way it would have restored itself. My belief is that the Cansema does not destroy cells and the body’s ability to restore tissue. Thank goodness I haven’t had any medical training and been told this is not possible, because I might have thought that true…until I saw for myself that Denise’s nose did restore itself completely.


I could tell many more people stories because I helped people with using the Cansema Black Salve for about five years before I tried it on animals because people could give me feedback about pain, itching, heat, etc, which I wouldn’t know from dogs and cats.


Cansema Tonic III for Cats & Dogs

                               By Pat McKay



I met Willy’s dad, Ed, at a dog park in the late 90s. It took awhile to convince Ed that raw food was the best; however, he finally started his dogs and cats on my raw food program. He started Willy, a 9-year-old, rare (rare because of the grey/brown design and color of his coat) Persian cat, on a full raw food program in July 2001. Soon afterwards, Willy was looking great; stopped smelling so bad, and he put on some needed weight. His ears that had always had heavy black waxy discharge since he was a rescued kitten were clearing up as well.


About two to three weeks later, Willy started drooling on one side of his mouth.  After he continued to drool for another week, Ed took him to see me, and I said he looked like he might have a tumor or an abscess and recommended that he see a veterinarian.


Please note:   Willy did not exhibit any signs of the malignancy until his body started to get healthy from the raw food; then his body was strong enough to present the malignancy.  This is why people, and even veterinarians, feel that raw food causes an ailment, because the body is too weak to present the illness until after being on raw food, so naturally, the first thought would be that if an animal became ill after feeding raw food it must be the food. However, common sense would tell you that this malignancy did not happen in two to three weeks. It was developing for months or years.


The veterinarian took a look at his mouth and immediately said he believed Willy had mouth cancer and that in order to save him, he would have to remove Willy’s lower jaw…one-third of his face. Ed asked if there was any possibility it wasn’t cancer, and the veterinarian said in his experience the kind of tumor Willy had was almost guaranteed to be cancer.  He recommended that a biopsy be taken if Ed wanted confirmation.


Ed decided that the operation was not an option. He had seen a cat that had that same operation, and that cat was unhappy, couldn’t eat or drink properly, had a gaping hole on the bottom of his face, couldn’t keep himself  hydrated or groomed.

Ed came back to see me because he decided to treat Willy with Cansema Tonic III, which is given internally.  Ed did want to get a second and third opinion, and he wanted a veterinarian to monitor Willy through this procedure.  The second opinion resulted in a diagnosis of putting Willy down, and the third was by a holistic veterinarian who felt she didn’t have any better solution than the Tonic III; however, she didn’t want to administer it, but would monitor Willy.


The visible area in Willy’s mouth near his lips started out at about the size of a kidney bean, plus other parts of the tumor wrapped his jawbone causing him to drool and making his face asymmetrical.


Willy was put on Cansema Tonic III mixed with water and Bio-enhanced, living-cell, organic vitamin C. (Real vitamin C, not ascorbic acid.)   The supplements in his raw food were calcium, magnesium,  probiotics, CoQ10, magnesium oxide, and a potent antioxidant.  I mention the supplements because there is another theory that supplements should not be given while fighting cancer, because it heightens the cancer’s ability to grow. I don’t believe that. I find that good supplements that build the immune system while destroying the cancer are very effective.


I’m not stating the amount of Tonic III or the amount of each of the supplements Willy was given because each animal must be treated individually. It’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition.


Willy’s drooling went from constant to occasional in the first two weeks; it stopped completely two weeks later.  The tumor stopped growing; it seemed to remain static for about a month, and then the second month it started to get smaller.  After three months the tumor was about one-half its original size.


Throughout the treatment Willy remained playful, had a great appetite, and externally appeared healthy, happy; maintained his weight and a great coat.


On November 7, 2001, 4 months after the first dose of Tonic III, the tumor was completely gone. Ed continued to have Willy checked by the holistic veterinarian every three weeks for the next three months.   No sign of any tumor.


Willy was euthanized this year at 19.5 years of age when another tumor started to develop, ten years after the original use of Tonic III.



Cansema Black Salve on Dogs and Cats

By Pat McKay 




In 1997 a well-known actor said her dog, Giorgio, a 9-year-old German shepherd had just had a kidney removed because of a malignant tumor.  Giorgio was two-weeks post-op; his back legs weren’t functioning; he wasn’t eating, and he had lost twenty pounds. The actor was on her way to Switzerland to go on location, so I took Giorgio into my home.


By the way, if you wish to know who this actor is and who the veterinarians were that were treating Giorgio, you may email me privately. I have permission to use her name privately, but cannot use it for anything published, because of publicity costs which we can’t afford to incur.


My very first course of action was to start feeding Giorgio my raw food program and give him the appropriate supplements such as calcium, magnesium, MSM (organic sulphur), with Bio-enhanced, living-cell, organic vitamins and minerals. Within one week Giorgio could stand, walk a little, although wobbly, and had gained five pounds. I continued Giorgio on my food/supplement program for one more week before I felt he was up to going through the Cansema procedure.


After two weeks, he had gained ten pounds and was walking quite well, so we started the Cansema.  At that time, Alpha Omega did not have Tonic III; they had only Tonic I, which I had not felt was very effective, so I put the Cansema Topical Black Salve in a capsule and gave that to Giorgio after he had eaten. I don’t recommend doing that any longer because the zinc oxide is an irritant internally. Now Alpha Omega has Tonic III which is very effective.  (See Willy’s story.)


However, Giorgio managed very well with taking the Black Salve internally.  Within hours of taking it, he had a stool that I could smell fifty feet away. I was at one end of my home in the kitchen and Giorgio had gone out in the patio at the other end of the house, and I knew from the odor what was happening. It would knock you over. This continued for a couple of weeks, and each day was a better day for Giorgio.


When his guardian returned after six weeks, he was jumping around like a puppy. His guardian took him directly to the veterinarian who had been treating him and her exact words were: “There has to be a marriage between you and Pat McKay.” However, that marriage never happened. In fact, I didn’t even hear from her. I did expect her to at least ask me what I had done, but that didn’t happen, I’m sorry to say.

I will say this was in the 90s, and I know veterinarians have a much more complicated legal situation than I do as a layperson. When I had my nutrition centers, I called everything I did “nutrition.”   Cansema is just a combination of herbs, and because it happened to cure an animal of cancer was a plus. I was just feeding the raw dog food, vitamins, minerals, and herbs.”  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.




Cansema Black Salve on Cats & Dogs

By Pat McKay



Since 1997, I have used Cansema Black Salve externally on dogs and cats with great results, as well as using the Cansema Tonic III internally.  I have never used any other cancer products, so can’t speak for others. I do hear some horror stories, so I felt it was necessary to write this article. Have some cats and dogs not responded well, yes, no question, some cancers are too far advanced, too fast-growing, and the body is not up to the challenge.


I always insist on an animal going on my raw food program. This is a must. The body has to have all the ammunition it can have to build its immune system in order to fight cancer.  I am talking only about cancer in this article; however, my raw food program works for all other illnesses as well.


I have founded a nonprofit foundation, Society for Animal Homeopathy, to promote raw food and homeopathy. My free E-Books are available on my other site:  The three basic E-books with regard to nutrition are:

1)  Pat McKay RAW FOOD Basic Recipe 

2)  Healthy Foods! Happy Cats! 

3)  Healthy Foods! Happy Dogs!

4)  Healthy Foods! Happy People! 


If you wish to work with me, my fee is $100 for two months of unlimited email and/or phone consults.


The entire episode using the Cansema Black Salve usually takes about three to six weeks after applying the salve.


Each individual will have lots of questions because each person has different concerns and each animal is an individual and reacts in their own way. I am here to answer any questions as you go through this procedure. 


Here are a series of photos of a dog who has experienced a typical reaction to Cansema Black Salve.








Nala, a Dogo Argentino
Her Cancer Story

By Pat McKay
Nala is a Dogo Argentino, approximately 7-year-old female, rescued in April of 2003. In the past 5 years she has had many skin ailments; has been given many drugs, chemicals, and poisons, prescribed by allopathic and holistic veterinarians; had a growth surgically removed in December of 2007, had another biopsy a few weeks later.
Her guardian, Shirley, attended one of my seminars in July of 2008 where I described the effectiveness of Cansema Black Salve; however, it wasn't commercially available at that time. When Shirley decided a couple of weeks ago that she needed to seek out another solution, she contacted me about what black salve to use, and I said only Cansema, because I know that one works, but didn't think it was available anywhere. Shirley got online, found out that Alpha Omega was back in business, checked with me to make sure it was the same one, ordered the Cansema Black Salve, and applied it 8/23/08.


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